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Handmade 100% beeswax candle


A unique gift for your loved ones or simply, for you!

Candles are relaxation’s best friend! And because at apiθανο we love relaxation, we could not help but create our own handmade candle with 100% pure beeswax, without additives and coloring substances. With a handmade mold in a honeycomb pattern, our candle will illuminate and decorate your space, creating the perfect atmosphere!

  • purifies the air from dust, mold, pollen, smoke, odors, bacteria and viruses, as it emits negative ions during burning
  • burning beeswax has no toxic substances
  • offers a natural warm light and a subtle warm smell
  • The wick should always be about 2mm to avoid a large flame.
  • During the first use, leave the candle lit for 2 to 3 hours, so that it burns evenly in the second use.
  • Do not let the candle burn for more than 3 to 4 hours continuously, to avoid pond and sinking of the wick.
  • To prolong its burning, you can place it in your refrigerator.
  • For safety, place the candle on a base.

*The wick is made of pure cotton.
*The color and size may differ slightly in each candle.
*All our candles are handmade in a traditional way and environmentally friendly.

≈40 hours

Height: 12.5cm

Width: 5.5cm

20.00 €