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{api-θανο} noun
The “marriage” of bee’s latin name (=apis) with the greek word “apithano” (=incredible).


Apiθανο is an ode to the bees with a taste of Crete. From thyme honey to propolis and beeswax, with apiθανο you will discover the taste, the smell and the love for bees and Crete, all together in our unique bee products.


How it all started 01

At the foot of Psiloritis Mountain, following the history and the unique natural characteristics of the land, apiθανο was born, where tradition meets today. It started when two childhood friends, Dinos and Christos, decided to unite their passion for their homeland and the bees and offer the best and purest bee products.

What we stand for 02

With the values of quality, purity and protection of the bees and the planet, we produce products which respect the environment and humans. Thus, we contribute -in our own way- to a better future.

Our honey 03

We collect our honey from selected areas of Crete which thanks to their rare biodiversity and endemic vegetation, give it a strong aroma and a unique taste.

Apiθανο doesn’t go under heat processing, which is the reason why the quantity is limited and always proportional to the number of hives we have, but also to the weather conditions of each beekeeping period. Apiθανο is standardized and packaged with responsibility and care, according to all the rules of hygiene, in our lab. Visit us in our lab and explore the fascinating world of apiθανο and the bees!

Honey is for us a source of life, an extract of natural flavor and aromas. The bees, these unpredictable alchemists, fly from flower to flower, finding hidden gems, the juices of fruit and the nectar of each land, creating this way, apiθανο!