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Crete. A biodiversity paradise.

Apiθανο is being produced in a land that honors the bee for 4,000 years. Crete.

At the foot of Psiloritis Mountain, in a wild yet enchanting landscape full of rare wildflowers, oaks, thyme, sage and pines, following the history and the unique natural characteristic of the land, apiθανο was born, our pure and natural honey, which we collect exactly as our bees give it to us.

Beekeeping & Crete

Beekeeping in Crete dates back to the Minoan era, where the bee was worshiped as a goddess. The unique climate of the island combined with its harmonic nature, its aromatic plants and herbs, encouraged the development of beekeeping.

Quick Facts

During the excavations of Phaistos, archaeologists discovered clay hives of the time dating back to 3,400 BC.

In 1930, the Malia pendant was discovered with the representation of two bees holding a honeycomb.